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Could you be looking for the best backpacks that money can buy? Do you really know what are some of the right packs for hunting? Well, a hunting backpack is the most convenient way of securing all your hunting tools. They often come in different varieties ranging from the big game hunting backpack, bow hunting backpack to the small hunting backpacks. Moreover, these backpacks come in different shapes and sizes, hence finding the best hunting backpack is not always easy.

A good hunting backpack is expected to provide maximum comfort and have enough storage space. You will need one that is specially designed to carry your weapon, food, water, and any other tool you might need on the field. You should be able to access your tools easily whenever you want to use them.

One might ask what is the need to get the best hunting backpacks when you can always go for the cheaper options for the same purpose. Well, let’s look at various benefits of having a good hunting backpack.

Quick Comparison Of Some Good Choices

Benefits of Having the Best Hunting Packs

Hunting is one of the most interesting activities to engage in. It comes with many benefits as well. Nevertheless, for you to enjoy the hunting experience you must have a good hunting backpack for your tools. Below are a few reasons why you need the best hunting packs.

  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions: Hunting can be done in  different environments i.e. in the forest, hot desert or tundra. These places have harsh weather conditions that might not be quite favorable. The best hunting backpacks are made of tough and waterproof materials so as to withstand these weather conditions. Your hunting tools should remain secure at all times regardless of the weather conditions. However, not all hunting backpacks are waterproof. Either way worry not. There are some good backpack brands that manufactures waterproof hunting backpacks to protect the content inside from getting wet.
  • They are comfortable and easy to carry: The best hunting backpacks have a special design to make you feel more comfortable. This is especially when you will be carrying the backpack for long distances. They come with thick and padded shoulder and waist belts to reduce pressure by distributing the weight equally. Other features include an adjustable frame that you can adjust in various range for maximum comfort.
  • Adventure: Going for a hunting spree in the forest could be so intriguing and adventurous. However, in order to make the hunting process more exciting and less tedious, you need to have a nice hunting backpack as a backup. This backpack allows you to store all your hunting apparatus securely in a way that it is easier for you to easily store and access them. After hunting, you will also need a place to store your catch. This is where a good hunting pack comes in.
  • Time Efficient: Time is often a very key factor when it comes to hunting. You wouldn’t want to spend your entire day struggling with your hunting tools or pulling a huge and heavy pack across the forest, right? A nice hunting backpack comes in handy when you are in a rush. It holds all your accessories together thus making it easier for you to maneuver and navigate the forest
  • Convenience: A hunting backpack is a very important accessory when it comes to carrying your hunting tools. Since you never really know which tools you might use, you can use it to carry both the basic and other additional tools to make your work easier when on the field. It keeps them within reach anytime you want to use them. They come in different
Best hunting backpacks

Best hunting backpacks

Factors to Consider before Purchasing the Best Hunting Backpack

Before purchasing a certain hunting backpack, it's best you consider the various desirable factors. Here are a few things to look at

  • Mobility: Go for a hunting backpack that is light and portable. These makes carrying it along the woods easy and comfortable. The best hunting backpacks come with frame adjustment features, shoulder and waist pads that help to reduce strain on the back and shoulders. These features make the load fill lighter than usual hence it will be easier for you when walking around.
  • Cost: This is among the important factors to consider before buying any hunting backpack. Different hunting backpacks come at different prices. Go for one that is within your budget but at the same time ensure it will serve you properly. A good hunting backpack is worth spending your money on since you can use it for a longer period of time with minimal maintenance. This will even be much better especially when you have money back guarantee.
  • Additional features: The best hunting packs come with extra accessories for more storage. If you have to drag up your elk after hunting you will need somewhere to place your tools so you can free up your hands. These accessories include gun holsters and bow pockets, waist belts, Extra pockets, and a pull-out safety panel. The main point of having a hunting backpack is to carry all your hunting tools in it and keep your hands free to perform other tasks.
  • Size: The size of the hunting pack you are looking to purchase also matters a lot. You should consider a backpack that has enough storage compartments to accommodate all your tools and perhaps also leave a space where you can keep your catch. This also depends with the tools you often use for hunting. If you are planning to go on a huge game hunting you might need a huge-sized hunting backpack with extra pockets to carry all your accessories.
  • Design: There are three types of hunting backpack designs that you need to consider. The traditional design which is compact portable and looks like a book. This design is often recommended for day hunting and doesn’t store much tools. The other one is the top loading design that is best for carrying a good number of large-sized hunting tools. Lastly, we have the  multi-layer design that’s ideal for a number of hunting trips. Nonetheless, make sure you pick a hunting pack with a convenient design.
  • Shape and Fit: Look for a hunting backpack that fits your needs for comfort and ease of use. A good hunting backpack comes with cushioned shoulder and waist belts to minimize pressure on your back. A poorly shaped or fitted backpack causes imbalance when walking hence making it impossible to carry it around and might also result to back pains and other complications.
  • Color of the hunting backpack: When hunting, you will require to disguise yourself the best way you could to achieve a successful hunt. Look for a hunting backpack that has a good camouflaging color. Pick designs with tan, green or dark colors that blend well with nature.
  • Hydration SystemsThe best hunting backpacks come with a hydration pocket for storing a water reservoir and a hydration bladder. When hunting you are likely to get thirsty often hence with this feature it is easy for you to keep your body hydrated without much struggle.

Top 5 Best Hunting Backpacks Reviews That Money Can Buy

Below is a list of some of the best backpacks mostly recommended for hunting.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Pack Bag is ideal for long hunting trips that take days. This bag is made of a long-lasting Nylon Rip-Stop material, making it ideal for use in any harsh weather conditions.


  • Comes with many pockets for storing a number of items needed while hunting
  • It’s made of a waterproof material
  • Has n upper and lower division for easy access
  • Made of high quality and durable material


  • It is quite heavy and bulky
  • This is a waterproof hunting backpack that has a huge storage space of approximately 5250 cubic inches and a middle divider for extra storage. It also features a number of pockets for storage. This includes, a front and spotting scope pocket, a two-sided attachment, hinged pocket and the main pocket. With these pockets, you can organize and carry all your tools together.
  • The frame is made of light aluminum that you can easily adjust to your own desires. Its waist and shoulder straps are thick and padded for comfort, so you won’t have to worry about straining your back.  It has a commander frame that can be purchased separately from the bag.
  • It comes with three extra pockets. One for the flashlight another for the knife and a shooting stick pocket. It also features a well-ventilated mesh back for constant circulation of air. The waste trap also comes with two pockets for putting up binoculars.
  • The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Pack Bag features a backpack rifle holder for all types of riffles. The rifle fits perfectly on the right side of your backpack for accessibility. Other features include a top cover flap with a zipper pocket for covering your catch after a successful hunt and a firm hand grip at the top of the shoulder’s traps for easier handling of the pack bag.
  • Lastly, this hunting backpack is among the best backpack brands for all-around hunting. Plus, it includes three straps in case you will require carrying more accessories for the hunt. You can pack all your meat easily in Its large quarters and work comfortably across the forest.

As a hunter, having the best hunting backpacks is crucial. The ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack allows you to keep all your hunting tools secure when on a hunting trip. It comes with a drop-down pocket holder for housing your rifle or hunters bow. Its unique features allow you to access your rifle easily.


  • It is light and long-lasting
  • The backpack does not make those metallic noises
  • Comes with a number of pockets for storage
  • It’s well organized so you can easily access your tools
  • Comes with a waterproof rain cover


  • The backpack is not waterproof
  • The hydration pockets on the pack bag allow the hunter to carry some drinking water  to quench his thirst during the hunting period. With this pack, you are guaranteed of maximum comfort while hunting. It features a well-padded waist strap and a shoulder belt for maximum comfort. You can also adjust the trunk in different torso ranges for much comfort.
  • Additionally, the backpack has a number of unique features for easy to carriage. These features include an Aluminum Frame and a long Lashing Belts that work together to assist in carrying and moving the load after a successful hunt. The  bag comes in a Mossy Oak Break-Up Country and Real tree Extra colors. This gives you have a variety to choose from.
  • In spite of being among the best hunting backpacks, sadly this backpack is not waterproof. However, it comes with a special rain cover found in the slip pocket that helps to protect the bag from getting wet and damaged. This rain cover is long-lasting and waterproof. It is also easy to carry and store before and after use.
  • Finally, this hunting backpack comes with a large storage space of around 2700 Cubic Inches. This is enough space to store your meat and other accessories with ease. Its front shelf pocket allows you to store those tools that you frequently use.

This backpack comes in a black color and is ideal for hunters, climbers, and long-distance travelers. It is made of high quality, waterproof and durable material that can withstand any environment. The Reebok GEAR Military Tactical Backpack is approximately 13" x 20" x 11" in size. This is Large enough to accommodate all your accessories with ease


  • Has a number of quarters for storage
  • Comes to wit a hydration pocket for carrying water
  • It is made of durable and water-resistant material
  • Comes with a mole system for more storage
  • Has padded waist and shoulder belts for comfort.


  • The straps are not so strong
  • This can be your daily hunting backpack to use. Perfectly designed for outdoor camping, hunting, and trekking. The shoulder and waist strap have ventilated mesh pads for comfort. These reduces pressure on your back while carrying the bag hence making it easy to traverse through the forest.
  • It also has a hydration pocket for storing a water reservoir and a hydration bladder. When hunting you are likely to get thirsty especially when it gets unbearably hot. This feature makes it easy for you to keep your body hydrated during the hunting period as it is very important.
  • This hunting backpack has a mole system with running webbing tactical for additional storage. You can carry extra tools in these pouches in case you are looking forward to using more hunting equipment. It also features a bug out bag with strong zippers and tough material. The side and front of the backpack have a load compression system and efficacy-style cord jerks for securing the load even better.

If you are looking for  the best small backpack, The ALPS OutdoorZ Ranger might be your guy. It is approximately 1450 cubic inches making it ideal for storing a few accessories needed for hunting. This bag is relatively cheap and its best for small hunts. It’s made of tough and softly brushed polyester materials that allow it to withstand harsh weather conditions.


  • Comes with a number of pockets for storage
  • It's shoulder belts are adjustable
  • Made of strong polyester material
  • Made of strong polyester material


  • The water reservoir is sold separately
  • Moreover, the ALPS OutdoorZ Ranger Day Pack features a large main pocket for storing the meat and front pockets for storing other hunting gear. The front pockets are strategically placed for quick access any time you need to pull out a tool. The shoulder belts are thick and padded to provide comfort and protect you from straining your shoulders and back. It also has a webbed handle so you can carry it around easily.
  • Due to its small size, it may be quite challenging for you to carry a number of hunting tools. However, this backpack is equipped with a Bar tacked strap work that has a number of attachments points. Apart from its many desirable features, the ALPS OutdoorZ Ranger Day Pack also comes in a stylish color that can camouflage well when hunting. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around the forest for long.
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable as well so you can adjust it to fit your liking. It also features a hydration pocket for carrying drinking water that you will need to keep hydrated when thirsty. Well, this is a must have  hunting backpack if you are a hunting enthusiast. It is often rated among the best hunting back pack for small hunting expeditions. Nonetheless, even with its compact size it can hold a number of your hunting equipment securely with a lot of ease.

The alps hunting backpacks are popular for their quality and maximum comfort. The ALPS Outdoor Z hunting backpacks are affordable and extremely stylish. This is one of the lightweight hunting backpack from Alps design. Its compact design makes it easy to carry around and use. However, don’t let the small size fool you. This hunting backpack has a number of pockets and storage quarters that are enough for carrying all your hunting tools.


  • It has a compact and lightweight design
  • Has a number of storage pockets
  • Made of tough and long-lasting material
  • Has a P. E sheet for providing extra comfort


  • Lacks specific meat carrying quarters
  • The main pocket is large and quite roomy inside you can reach it by opening the zipper at the top of the backpack. The front and side have tiny but spacious pockets with zippers too. You can also use the side pockets for carrying water bottles. Sometimes storing all tools in the pockets may be quite challenging. This should not worry you at all. The ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Hunting Pack features a front lashing system that allows you to strap some tools outside.
  • Moreover, this hunting backpack features a P. E frame sheet for comfort and more functionality. The sheet coatings on the back of the Trail Blazer Hunting Pack is nicely padded to protect your back from straining. It also works in moving the weight of the load to the waist hence reducing pressure on your back. This feature makes the load fill lighter as you walk.
  • This elk hunting backpack also features a hydration pocket that allows you to carry a water reservoir. You can attach a long straw on the reservoir and take the water as you walk.
  • Among the important features of a good hunting backpack is the rifle and bow pocket. This pocket allows you to carry your weapon at the front where you can easily reach out for it. You can also use the lashing straps to secure the rifle further.
  • The backpack is made of tough materials that can withstand any harsh environment. Its Real tree Extra HD color matches with the surroundings therefore providing enough disguise when hunting. During the rainy days, you can use the available blaze orange rain cover to protect the bag from getting wet and damaged.


When going on a hunting spree, there are a number of things you need to carry. There is the Compass, a first-aid kit, hunting knives, Snacks, survival kit, a rifle among others. With all these tools, you will need nothing more than the best back-country hunting packs that have enough storage space for them.

Go for a backpack that is quite durable, waterproof and comfortable to carry around. Considering that there are a lot of hunting backpacks in the market, choosing the right one could be challenging. This review shows a list of top backpack and brands that meets all the key desirable features of a good backpack.

From what I have gathered, I would chose The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag as my top pick. This is because it is made of a long-lasting Nylon Rip-Stop material, ideal for use in any harsh weather conditions. Moreover, it is waterproof and has a number of pockets for storing all your hunting apparatus. It has all the desirable features you would want in a hunting pack compared to most bags in this category.

When choosing a hunting back pack, don’t think that going for the cheap big backpacks is always a good bargain. Watch out for the quality too for your own satisfaction.

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