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Whether you are a veteran buck hunter or a novice heading into the wood, making your whitetail deer season a success is what’s always on your mind. To raise your hunting game in the woods you must have the right weaponry and other related equipment. But is that enough to clean kill a deer? Nope! Following the right hunting techniques and powerful skills can really help.

Read on here to know the best deer hunting tips and other primary determinants to experience a successful deer hunting session.

Deer Hunting Tips to Raise your Hunting Prowess

Deer Hunting Tips to Raise your Hunting Prowess

Tip#1: Get Licensed! 

This is the very first step to follow. It would be utterly wrong to just hold your weaponry and head for the game. Be sure to get your hunting license and always keep it with you while gaming.

Tip#2: Go for Hunter Safety Course

It is recommended to go for safety certification classes. Get info about it from your state’s Department of Natural Resources website and get certified for hunting.

Tip#3: Know the Rules!

Every state has its own gaming rules. That is why knowing the hunting rules and regulations of the state you are hunting in is a mandatory step. Doing so would save you from many complications later on.

Tip#4: A well-Stocked Backpack 

It’s really important to get some extra stuff with you. Once the gaming session starts, you never know what circumstances you are going to face. Do not forget to pack a rangefinder, binoculars and some extra ammo. Secondly, weather in the woods is quite unpredictable. So you better pack some extra pieces of clothing (preferably a coat or hoodie) to avoid any inconvenience. 

Tip#5: Viable Hunting Times 

You can’t hunt the game at any hour of the day. Deer are normally visible in the early morning hours or at the time of dusk. If you pick morning hours for gaming, set up your hunting stand on the bedding route of deer. For sunset time, get set somewhere close to the deer feeding area. For rut season hunting, there is no specific time as deer show up all the time. 

when is deer hunting season

Tip#6: Right Location to Hunt

Once you have decided when to hunt, next question is ‘where to hunt’? A perfect hunting area can be scouted by identifying various deer clues like deer droppings and tracks. Wherever you find them, believe that deer are (or will be) around. 

Tip#7: Hunt Silently!

Deer can sense your presence even by a small movement on your part. The best you can do is to put on sound eliminating boots. Secondly, fix your hunting stand a couple of days before your hunting expedition. It will help in keeping on silently. 

Tip#8: Cover up your scent!

Human odor not just terrifies deer but it also alerts them about human presence. Deer can detect your smell from miles away so before heading to the hunting spot, you must work to eliminate your odor. So the first step is to take a shower with a scent free soap. Avoid using any kind of fragrance.

Rather you should use some odor eliminator. It can be sprayed on the bottom of your shoes as well as on the hunting stand you are going to use. Lastly, always move downwind to your range. This will not let them get a wind of you. 

Tip#9: Trick the Deer

Instead of waiting on the hunting stand, it is always good to try some techniques to lure the deer. Calls (bleat cans, grunt tube) and decoys are a good way to trick them into your range. To get the best result, you must know how to use these tools correctly. 

Tip#10: Use of Deer Attractants

Besides tricking them, there are numerous attractions that can get them out of their thick hiding places. Deer feeders, deer urine, deer feed and many more deer attractants can be utilized. Using a drag rag covered with doe estrus is a great technique to knock down a mature deer in rut season. Who knows you see a buck coming right to your hunting stand. 

Tip#11: Understanding of Equipment

Your weaponry and equipment is what takes you to a successful or failed gaming round. Be it a gun or a bow, learn well about its usage. It is always good to practice your weapon (bow or rifle) before leaving. Even you should get familiar with your tree stand properly and practice well about setting it up.

Always use a stand that is recommended by the Treestand Manufacturers Association. Lastly, there should be no compromise on safety harness. Avoid using homemade harness. 

Best Hunting Bow

Tip#12: Use of Bow for Hunting

For a successful gaming experience, accuracy matters the most. Most of the hunters recommend using a compound bow for it. If you think yourself to be a good archer and wish to hunt using a bow, the bow must be;

  • According to your size and strength
  • Easy to grip and control
  • With razor-sharp arrow heads


Have you enjoyed reading our deer hunting tips? I really hope that you have learned something new today. Keeping the above mentioned points in mind makes the gaming session more fun and success.

If you have any point or suggestion for deer hunting, do share with us in the comment box below. And lastly, do not forget to share our article with your friends. Happy hunting!

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