How to Train a Hunting Dog?

Even on a conventional note, training a dog is number 1 requirement of its master. For the hunters, this training is a lot different. There are different meanings to the training where a lot of practices are taught to the dog.

Hunting dog training, trust me, its not a joke. Dogs are resilient creatures and they get distracted too soon. This could be your biggest challenge i.e. to teach your dog how to avoid these distractions and chase the game.

When you command a dog, the main purpose for him should be to stay away from the distractions and follow the command. The basic training usually includes when you teach your dog to stop stop, go away from you or come back.

With good training, you can convert a house puppy into a pig hunting dog or it can simply become your hunting companion. You can also specify the training such as duck hunting dog training in which your puppy will only know the tactics of hunting a duck.

Today, we will discuss some of the important tips and the process of how to train a hunting dog?

Process of Training Dog for Hunting

How to Train a Hunting Dog?

Process of Training Dog for Hunting

Firstly, I want you to know that there are different breeds of dogs that specialize in different kinds of hunting. There are American Foxhound, Beagle, Brittany Dog, and many others. However, many people appreciate coyote hunting dog breeds.

If you are more into bird hunting then you can also train your check out bird hunting dog breeds. Anyways, let’s take a look at the process:

#1. Task Defining

You need to have a lot of patience while defining task teaching to your dog. Hunting requires a lot of complex training to hone their skills. For hunting a dog, you need to provide solid training of obedience and socializing with other puppies so that the dog is alert enough to transform from hunting environment to social environment.

#2. Where to Start With

How to Train a Hunting Dog?

Where to Start With

Before starting with the extreme part, it is best to teach your dog how to take commands. You can start with the simple sit and stand command. These are fundamental skills. After that, you need to teach the dog to settle down and relax in complex situations. I would suggest you get your dog a pair of hunting dog boots as they are quite helpful for them. 

There are other accessories also that you can buy such as hunting dog tracking collars and others. Since the safety of the dog should be of prime concern, you should get them a bright vest designed especially ideally for them to distinguish them from other animals.

They should also be familiar with other elements that they might encounter while hunting. You should teach your dog about the critical acclimation skills to make it an effective hunting companion.

#3. Familiarizing with Loud Noises

Whether you are aiming for shed hunting dog training or the conventional one, your dog must be familiarized with different noises, especially the loud noises so that he can become accustomed to the loudness.

  • Teaching them how to ignore sounds: The dog will surely startle at the household loud sounds in the beginning. However, they will become accustomed to these noises and will learn to ignore them. If after some learning, your dog remains calm in the loud environment then don’t forget to appreciate the effort. 
  • Increase the loudness: The next course of training involve making the noises louder. You can also take your dog to more loud places outdoor and teach them how to stay relaxed in such environments. A park near the highway can be the most suitable place for the dog to get used to the loud noises of cars and backfires. 
  • Relevance: It is equally important to train them about the relevant sounds like firing. If you use a gun to shoot the game, then start by playing a tape of a gunshot in front of the dog. You can find these sounds readily available online. It is a good training material before you take training to the next level. 
  • Gunfires Noises: To conclude the noise section, you can use the actual gunshots in the presence of the dog and look for the reaction. Start by shooting from a distance and when your dog shows some signs of acceptance, you can bring it closer to the main grounds.

#4. Acclimation to Obstacle Method

To ensure that your hunting dog rescues from the intense situations, you need to teach him about the obstacle methods.

How to Train a Hunting Dog?

Acclimation to Obstacle Method

  • Foot Flexibility: You should ensure that the pet is exposed to all kind of floors and encourage them to run on different terrains. At the same time, make sure that they have enough flexibility of foot to jump and make their way. 
  • Fondness for Obstacles: Expose the pet to agility training to help them develop strong hunting skills. 
  • Overhead Obstacles: Many dogs find it difficult to cope with the overhead items. Make sure to give them great training for the same. 
  • Tunnel Training: Tunnels are quite a common obstacle in the forest. Your dog must know how to cope with such situations. You should teach the dog how to enter the tunnels and exit them. An untrained dog will not be able to find his way out of the tunnel. 


Hunting dogs have all kind of needs. As I have mentioned above, you should buy all the important accessories that they will need while hunting and then return to you. With all these, there is a special kind of hunting dog food or feed that they require. A master should also be vigilant about that.

I hope you will find all these tips resourceful while training your dog. 

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